Additional Products

In addition to the products in this catalog, CUSTOM SHIELDING offers many other types of shielding products and materials. These products include:
1. Shielded Windows
2. Thermal Interface Materials
3. Static Discharge Grounding Pads
4. Finger Stock Materials
5. Cable Termination Rings
6. Airplane Access Panel Gaskets

Custom Shielding

CUSTOM SHIELDING also has a complete line of silicone and neoprene elastomers for non-shielding uses. These products are available in rolls, sheets or extrusions.

Die-Cutting Services

CUSTOM SHIELDING offers complete die-cutting services for the shielding product line in this catalog. CUSTOM SHIELDING also die-cuts non-shielding materials including neoprene rubber, silicone rubber, other types of synthetic rubber, structural adhesives, etc. CUSTOM SHIELDING will also die-cut customer supplied materials. Contact CUSTOM SHIELDING for additional information.

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