Custom Gaskets Description

CUSTOM GASKETS or any of the Custom products which have been manufactured to the customers specifications. These products include CUSTOM MESH, CUSTOM SHIELD,and CUSTOM STRIPS. These products can be fabricated into an unlimited number of sizes and shapes, using many different material combinations.

Custom Gaskets Applications


CUSTOM GASKETS can be used in an unlimited number of applications. These products cover all types of shielding requirements and price ranges. The gaskets can be designed for your new product or can be fabricated to install into your existing product. By using a gasket fabricated to fit your product exactly, instead of purchasing bulk footage, Custom Shielding can save you time and expense on installation. Custom Shielding has an extensive background in manufacturing custom shielding gaskets and can assist you in selecting the proper gasket for your application.

CUSTOM MESH gaskets are designed for applications requiring low cost shielding and no sealing to limited environmental sealing. CUSTOM STRIP gaskets are designed for applications requiring shielding, pressure seal and environmental seal. CUSTOM STRIP gaskets can be fabricated with an integral compression stop which prevents damage to the gasket from over compression. The compression stop also allows the correct closure pressure to be applied to the gasket which ensures proper shielding.


Custom Gasket Available Configurations

CUSTOM GASKETS can be manufactured from the standard materials listed in this catalog, or can be fabricated from a number of non-standard materials.

For additional sizes, shapes and materials not listed, please contact CUSTOM SHIELDING for your shielding requirements.


These are the products we can make custom for your needs:

  • Conductive gasket
  • Conductive shielding
  • Emi/rfi shielding gaskets
  • Waveguide gaskets
  • Aluminium/monel/SnCuFe wire mesh
  • Conductive Silicone Elastomers
  • Molded conductive elastomers
  • Conductive o-rings
  • Conductive rubber
  • Conductive silicone
  • Cable shielding
  • Shielding wire mesh
  • Mesh & Elastomer Combination Gaskets
  • Metal screen gaskets
  • Fiber gaskets
  • Oriented Wire and wire Mesh Strip & Gasket Material
  • Knitted Wire Mesh Gasket
  • Vulcanized Fiber Gasket
  • Fish paper

Custom Gaskets MADE to your specifications

We tailor create gaskets for your needs. Please contact us so that we can learn more about what it is you need to allow us to quote you on price, turn-around time and quantity.

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